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At Orca, we’re proud of what we do and always aim high - because, well, the sky is the limit! So if you’re ready to join an amazing team of people who inspire each other every day, now is the time to find your place in our pod.






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We swim together

No matter what your position, you have a voice and a purpose at Orca, and we expect you to use it!

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We may be growing fast, but we’re also having a lot of fun along the way.

We believe that teamwork amplifies talent

We truly believe that in the right environment and with the right support, talent has no boundaries.


We’re committed to building an inclusive community

No matter where you live in the world, we give you the resources and flexibility to do your best work. Oh, and we offer great benefits too!

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It takes much more than ones and zeros to revolutionize cloud security. It takes people who dare to explore the unknown. At Orca, we foster a sense of community and collaboration to create a safe environment for our people to grow and innovate. Come join us in securing the cloud.

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“What’s special about Orca is that colleagues become friends. Together we are encouraged to create the work environment we desire - an environment that drives team members to collaborate with each other, working together on finding our optimum, resulting in an excellent security product.”

Zohar Meridor Software Developer, Threat and Remediation

“I’m most excited about the culture life Orca cultivates, and about my co-workers - we empower each other and are always there for one another.”

Amir Avram Software Engineer

“I most enjoy the aspects of my role where I create amazing and innovative cloud security products.”

Daniel Zalan Software Developer, Workload

“The people are amazing - it feels like all of us are achieving our goals together.”

Noa Gross VP of Project Management & Sales Enablement Engineering

“Orca values each individual and each opinion. From ‘day one’ I felt that any question I asked and all the suggestions I made were carefully considered and thoughtfully answered.”

Gal Lotem Product Manager